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Five Writing Websites For College Students

Five Writing Websites For College Students

If you’re in college and seeking help with your writing, you can find a number of writing websites that can help you with your paper. Some of them have no cost, while some charge for their the services they provide. As an example, Google Docs is a free online writing tool that allows multiple classmates to work on the same document. They automatically save all modifications meaning you won’t have to fret about losing your documents. And once you finish your work, you’re able to simply share it with teachers and friends.


The writing process of EssayPro is speedy and straightforward. The team behind this website will assist you in meeting your deadline. Contact your writer through email or by phone. In addition, you’ll receive updates regarding the progress of the order. Then, you can complete your payment and download the essay. Request revisions or receive a full refund If you’re not completely satisfied with your essay.

Prices are affordable and flexible with EssayPro. As opposed to the typical writing sites for essays the prices are directly negotiated between you and your writer. This means that you will be able to find a writer that is specialized in the field you require, has an excellent writing style, and fits within the budget you have set. EssayPro is a great option for those looking for a cheap essay writing service.

EssayPro boasts a great quality of customer service. EssayPro’s experienced writers are able to ensure that the assignment is up to academic standards. This company is evaluated at 4.9 stars with high levels of customer satisfaction. Writers work efficiently and adhere to deadlines.


Essay writing is a common academic task, and a writing website will help students complete the job done without the stress of writing an inauthentic or poorly written essay. It’s not a surprise that many instructors and professors give essays to students. This makes it simpler to help them write similar pieces. WriteMyEssay isn’t like other writing sites that require an upfront payment. They instead prefer to build relationships with clients on the basis of trust. Website’s homepage is easy navigate and has a price calculator.

WriteMyEssay offers proofreading and editing services. The cost is reasonable, starting at $9 per page. This can rise as deadlines near. It also permits unlimited revisions that are helpful when deadlines are short.

One of the best features that is unique to WriteMyEssay is the possibility to select the writer you want to work with. It offers a variety of experienced writers that can complete all types of essays. They are able to create your paper about any subject, and at the appropriate amount.


SpeedyPaper will assist you when your thesis or essay is not coming out right. The SpeedyPaper team of writers is extremely analytical and knowledgeable of almost any topic. In addition, they’re acquainted with the style of writing of your school or university. SpeedyPaper is secure and secured. SpeedyPaper guarantees 100% confidentiality this means that nobody is able to view your personal information.

SpeedyPaper is also able to provide high-quality editing and proofreading. Editors look for errors and improve your writing through improving the flow of sentences language, tone, and vocabulary. Also, they address citation and reference problems. Help with problem-solving is another option offered by SpeedyPaper, and their writers will aid you to come to an idea to identify solutions and analyze the relationship among the various factors.

SpeedyPaper has a reputation for delivering high-quality, fast writing and is delivered on the deadline. SpeedyPaper has academically qualified writers who write original papers. SpeedyPaper also boasts high customer satisfaction ratingsand writers reviews that are positive from the past clients.


Coggle A website designed to college students which allows students to come up with ideas for brainstorming and mind maps. The name is “Coggle”. It is easy to use and comes with a simple interface. Students can collaborate with others to gain ideas. Also, it allows for the addition of images as well as hyperlinks to the website.

Users can also use the website to share ideas with fellow members of their group through the creation of mind maps. Mind maps are saved to the cloud and they can be accessed from all gadgets. You can also edit them indefinitely without running out of storage space. This is an effective option to spark concepts. The free version of Coggle allows users to design 3 mind maps. But, you are able to buy unlimited access. The paid version also includes more shapes as well as additional formatting options.

Another great feature of Coggle is its concept mapping feature. Users are able to share minds maps with other colleagues, and it allows users to edit their branches in a single session. The changes are automatically saved. You can add images, icons, as well as hyperlinks. They can also cross-link their documents to other items in the map of their minds.


NaNoWriMo is a writing contest focused on writing an entire novel within a month. The annual event for writing has become one of the top choices for writers. The event is often referred to as “the biggest writing competition anywhere in the world”. But writing 50,000 words in just one month is an overwhelming task, particularly for college students. They have a busy schedule and may struggle to make writing a part of their routine. However, there are numerous writing websites designed for college students to assist them in their success.

There are many different options to join NaNoWriMo. Register online is the first. Once you’ve registered on the internet, you’re able to start writing. It is possible to post an excerpt or synopsis to the site. Discover the other NaNoWriMo Participants, Share your Writing Progress, and network with other writers. The deadline to finish the project is November 30.

It is also possible to join NaNoWriMo through connecting with other writers from around the world. Some websites host events to assist writers in their writing process. NaNoWriMo also organizes “Come Write in” activities across the nation. These are events designed in order to motivate writers to create with others.


StoryJumper encourages students and teachers to create stories, and afterwards, they can narrate the stories within an art-based setting. This website was developed to encourage collaboration between students and to help them improve the writing abilities of students. This website also offers teachers the opportunity to evaluate the work of students and to encourage collaboration. Even though it’s a lengthy learning process, StoryJumper is very engaging and very motivating.

StoryJumper is a tool that allows teachers to design classes and then assign students. Teachers may find templates and seek assistance from their colleagues. It allows teachers to assign “lead” teachers. StoryJumper also offers an “write-athon” program to schools for fundraisers that teachers may use to their advantage. Friends and parents can help sponsor an individual’s narrative and also receive the story’s author’s signature on the final item.

Alongside creating story books, Storyjumper allows users to incorporate text, images, and props. You can upload images from your personal computer or search for them on the internet. Another distinctive feature of Storyjumper is the fact that it also permits users to add an audio voice to their books. It is possible to access this feature by clicking on the “Add Voice” tab.


Making use of Trello to manage your work can be a lifesaver for students in college. Trello makes it simple to manage your work and is completely free. Additionally, it has a variety of features that you can’t get elsewhere.

Trello is also an excellent instrument for collaboration with other students. It assists you in keeping track of due dates and assign responsibilities for projects. It lets you easily make lists, add media, and designate due dates. It is also easy to follow progress from an extended distance. This tool is great for teachers and students who wish to stay organized as well as avoid the habit of delay.

Trello allows you to collaborate with other students by sharing notes and other data. Additionally, you can share ideas, collaborate with your team, and add items and checklists. You can also sync your calendar to Trello, making it easier for users to stay on top of deadlines. Additionally, it comes with iOS as well as Android apps.

Trello is a fantastic tool for organizing projects. Trello is a project management software that can be set up with Kanban boards to show the people who are working on what task. The tool is completely free and is a great way to organize your work. There are many other uses for this multi-purpose tool including classroom management as well as plan of instruction.

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